Free helmet, lock and map with rental. Pickup and delivery available. Call 561-272-BIKE

Equipment 2 Hour Day Week
1 Speed Cruiser $20.00 $30.00 $60.00
7 Speed Cruiser $25.00 $40.00 $75.00
24 Speed Hybrid $30.00 $65.00 $100.00
24 Speed Mountain  $30.00 $65.00 $125.00
Racing Aluminum $60.00 $80.00 $200.00
Racing Carbon $75.00 $95.00 $250.00
Tandem $40.00 $75.00 $150.00
Baby Jogger $20.00 $30.00 $50.00
Trail-A-Bike $30.00 $65.00 $100.00
Trailer 2 $30.00 $40.00 $75.00
Child Seat $30.00 $65.00 $100.00
Carrier for Car $30.00 $65.00 $100.00
Electric Bike  $60.00 $100.00 $350.00
Scooter  $350.00

26 thoughts on “ Rates”

  1. I would like to rent a racing carbon fiber bike 7/13 to 7/15. I would like to bring my pedals (Look Delta).


  2. A family is looking to go for a bike ride in Delray Bch area Christmas Day. We need 1 additional bike to rent – ebike or other. I see you are closed Sundays; how could we work this – pickup late Sat & return Mon morning? If so, how would you charge us since we cannot get it on 25th only?

  3. Hi. Do you rent kids bikes? We would need 2 16″boys bikes. (11/20-11/26) No training wheels. Thanks!

  4. Do you have bikes for kids? We are visiting for a week and is like to rent bikes for my 8 and 10 year old sons.

  5. Do you have a group discount available for day rentals? Renting 7 bikes for Monday or Tuesday next week

  6. I am coming to town tomorrow (3/23) and I’m interested in renting a road bike from 3/24/16 to 3/30/16 (7 days). I’m 6’2” and currently ride a 63cm Bianchi. I have spd pedals that I’m bringing but will need a helmet.

    Please let me know if you have a rental available and the cost.

    Thank you.

    John Salkowsky


  7. Thank you for inquiring It’s always best to resrv so u get the type n size of bike you want Plus it saves you time when u arrive We will have the bikes tagged n ready togo
    Please call 561-276-4234

  8. We’d like to rent 2 of your 7 speed cruisers 3/26 a.m. To 3/28 p.m. Do we need to reserve them ahead of time? Thanks. MAX

  9. We rent Thule bike carriers for cars n trucks They fit most vehicles If the vehicle has a trailer hitch It’s the easiest to put on n off The other type strap on the trunk as long as there is NO rear spoiler

  10. Hi!
    What kind of carrier for car so you rent? Does the car need special equipment?
    Thank you

  11. Hi there , I ll be participating in the 2016 Garneau Gran Fondo @ Delray beach . Need 4 road bikes for the ride . need to know brands and models for rent , also daily fare. sizes between 51 to 52 cm

    Hope to hear from you soon

  12. do u have ladies bikes with baskets i can work speeds but just want to cruise the neighborhoods

  13. Salut !
    Here’s my question:
    these last few years, while vacationing in Delray, I rented 24 Speed Hybrids at Richwagen’s, two units + carrier for car / one week;
    but this year, I’d need it for 9 days instead (November 19 to 27) › can we work ourselves a deal?
    Merci ! Jacques (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

  14. I recently moved to the area and am looking for a used road bike, decently priced. Do you have used road bikes for sale? NOte: I am not serious biker, but am interested in getting more into cycling.

  15. I will be in Delray Beach from Dec. 27 to Feb 27. Do you have a mothly rate or a rate for a 2 month rental? I would be interested in renting a 24 speed hybrid.

    Thanks, Steve

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