Rentals available for the whole family !!


8 thoughts on “Rentals available for the whole family !!

  1. Albert, your shop was highly recommended to me by Pat Halliday, but this form seems to be the only way to reach you other than phone, and I am on the road, between flights…so that won’t work.

    Anyway….I’m a cyclist of sorts, many sorts. I will be back in Delray on or about the 5th of February and will most likely be looking for a bike rental source. I briefly looked at your offerings here on this “site” and was wondering what sort of bikes they are that you actually rent? Normally I would be looking for a Road machine, but I have a few unique needs on this trip. I might attempt to get my 88 year old mother back on a bike, something she has expressed a desire to do, and has a riding companion if she were to accomplish it. I also have thoughts of trying out a FAT Tire Bike, but don’t see that you offer these.

    More information than you want at this point most likely? I’m 6 feet tall at slightly over 150lbs. I hope you might be inclined to reach out to me at some point when you have a chance.


    • Yes we rent Jamis road bikes full carbon and aluminum/carbon We also have bicycles for the entire family Sorry for the late reply I have recently taken over the web site Please call 561-276-4234 for reservations Thank You

  2. Hi There , I just read you rent nice road bikes . I’m planning to ride 2016 delray gran fondo . What can you offer in 52 cm ? let me know about the rates

  3. What is the cost for a family to rent four bikes for a few days. Mom, dad and two teenagers aged 14 & 16. We are going to be in delray for a week during July 4th.

    • The least expensive bike we rent is $20.00 per day or $45.00 for the whole week We rent many different types of bikes all different prices Please call 561-276-4234 for a quote

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